It’s not a housing crisis, it’s a mental illness and addiction crisis of epic proportion. While Sonoma County, like many communities, needs more affordable housing , investing vast sums of money despite no clear, verifiable evidence of positive outcomes is not the answer. 99.4% of Sonoma County are not homeless.
Citizens for Action Now! Sonoma County (CAN!) is a nonpartisan group that was formed by citizens to address the concern that the majority’s needs and wishes are not adequately addressed. Hard working people feel sold out by their elected leaders. Local business owners feel the same. Local politicians are reactive in response to a loud and aggressive minority. The answer is not always “spend more money”. Fiscal responsibility is missing in the conversation. Our mission is to gather Sonoma County residents together to advocate for a compassionate approach to the homeless problem that holds both the homeless and the local government accountable regarding their part in the problem solving process. Furthermore, we would like to see more community engagement in coming up with innovative and collaborative ideas to address local issues surrounding quality of life in Sonoma County.