“75% of unsheltered homeless report a substance abuse condition”.
“78% of unsheltered homeless report mental health conditions”.
“50% of unsheltered homeless exhibit tri morbidity”, which means they have a substance abuse problem, a mental health condition, AND a chronic health problem such as hepatitis C.

The vast majority of homeless people you see out on the streets, JRT, camped along creeks, under overpasses, are NOT victims of high rents or greedy landlords.
They should not be in self-governed tiny home villages free to shoot up & do whatever they want.
They should not be warehoused at Los Guilicos with virtually no counseling or real treatment.
They need court mandated comprehensive mental health treatment, intense drug abuse treatment and counseling, and tough love, not burritos.
THAT is what’s needed to save their lives.
It’s embarrassingly obvious that the majority have no ability to self-govern, or they would not be where they are.

Source-UCLA California Policy Lab