One thing that hasn’t been posted much about in detail here at CAN is this,
how successful is Sonoma County and the City of Santa Rosa actually getting and keeping people in permanent housing?
Housing first is the mantra. The key they say to “ending homelessness” is housing, housing, housing.
OK so how are we doing on that score?

According to data compiled by the National Homelessness Information Project for FY 2015 thru 2018, the net housing placement rate puts Sonoma County at 280 out of 380 Continuums of Care. 28.5%, meaning less than a third of the people in the system are placed into permanent housing and are still there after taking into account how many fall out after 24 months.
Score is Placement Rate minus (Placement rate x Recidivism rate) since only those placed into permanent housing are subject to recidivism.
In layman’s terms it basically tells you how well a community is doing in actually keeping people off the streets. Our elected officials make a big deal out of the number of people supposedly “housed”. No transparency or accountability. No one questions the numbers they spout.

Also note the national average is 33.7%. Also note how much better some continuums with similar numbers of homeless are doing.
Knoxville/Knox County-68.5%.
Pittsburgh, McKeesport, Penn Hills/Allegheny County-55.4%.
New Orleans/Jefferson Parish-61.5%.
San Bernardino City & County-48.5%.

That 2 year mark is important. People disappear out of the system for all kinds of reasons. Some succeed in moving on with their lives. Some move away. Some fall back into homelessness and aren’t tracked or found again. They just disappear. There’s precious little data or peer reviewed studies of retention rates past 2 years.
If you care to learn more, here’s the full report.