Get ready for another round of politicians and people on social media crowing about how “we’ve reduced” homelessness significantly, including a 7% drop from 2019 to 2020!
See that huge drop from 2013 to 2015? That’s where the vast majority of reduction happened.
We didn’t start the yearly count until 2015, before that it was every two years which is the federal requirement.

Anyway, where did almost 1200 people go?
Politicians like Supervisor Gorin claimed back in 2015 that it was due to an “improved economy”.

Why spend 10s of millions on homeless funding if the improved economy is what reduced homelessness?
If that were the case we should have seen even more reduction in homelessness since it was only Covid that halted to longest economic expansion in history-128 months.
Unemployment in late 2015 was 5%. By Apr 2019 it was 3.5%.

One simple question you can ask anyone that keeps touting this “success”.
Why have we not been able to replicate that unbelievable achievement since?